Open Letter to Facebook

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In Madrid, on February 29th, 2012

To whom it may concern,

I am writing on behalf of the people who work every day with your social network and in my particular name.

Today I have mixed feelings. On February 11 I received the first notification from facebook. It was not an email thanking me for all the content I have created about your social network, it was not a letter thanking for the people who I have tried to help with tools, optimizing their strategies, answering questions, definitely was not an email congratulating me on my job: it was an email asking me to stop using First I tried to react positively and I made a video for Valentine’s Day. I went on working, I set a new blog and started from scratch.

In a few days we received a second notice. For this time you ask us to stop using your name in an event we were organizing coinciding with the FMC(Facebook Marketers Conference). This conference has just a single goal: to help other Spanish speakers to understand the key event. The event had a panel discussion, a translator, a discussion forum of experts on social networks. The event was intended to be, once again, a source of help.

Being a brand ambassador without receiving anything in return is difficult, but being an ambassador and receive such communications is completely discouraging. It is very difficult to perform a function and constantly bumping into a wall that prevents you from performing your function. We all know what happens when you give back to your preescriptores.

But we will not bite the hand that feeds you, I will not do more videos, we will not fight. There will come a day when there is a reputational crisis and you will realize how many preescriptors have on your side and how many are not there.

I will continue talking about you, but It will be harder to do that with the same passion. I have fear that the third contact you have with you, you will require a bigger penalty for it. Goliath won but I think it was not the war that you had to win because we have never started a war, we have only done our job, just work with you.

Thank you very much for your time, receive a cordial greeting,

Clara Ávila

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